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For old war hero schematics and old fashion shells, click here.


Our New Year's resolution is this: we want to make it easier, and faster for you to order your next end-game armoring, mod, and enhancement from our guild.  This is only for The Bastion server.  We are not fully active in other servers.

Is It Really FREE?

Yes!  We craft our items for free.  All you need are the materials (mats) for your item.  You can click into the link to see the torhead references and mats requirement for each item.  We do ask for optional tips.  Most customers give us extra materials or credits that they can afford.

How to Order?

STEP 1: Decide which item you want and click on the link below to see the mats requirement.

STEP 2: You can order by mailing your mats to thelastdon (Republic).  Make sure that you input in the name of your item.  You'd be surprised how many people order without specifying the item.

Imperials on the Bastion server can mail it to ice'ice'baby.  Funny name, we know.

Most orders are fulfilled within 3-4 hours, but return can take up to 24 hours.

Allied Crafters?

These are individuals that are not part of Alpha Republic, but support its mission and have committed to delivering products within 24 business hours.  You can contact thelastdon for more information about how to be added to the alliance.

What We Can Craft
[Click on link to see mats requirement.]

New ROTHC (Expansion - Level 55 gear)

If it does not list the crafter name, it means you can contact thelastdon directly.

Arkanian War Leader's MK-X Package

Kits and Augments
Augmentation Kit MK-9
Advanced Overkill Augment 28
Advanced Shield Augment 28
Advanced Fortitude Augment 28
Advanced Reflex Augment 28
Advanced Skill Augment 28

Armoring 34's
Advanced Guardian Armoring 34 new
Advanced Resolve Armoring 34 new

Hilt 34's
Advanced Resolve Hilt 34 new (alpha crafter: msg 'Vladkor')

Armoring/Mods/Enhancement 31's (Level 55)
Advanced Guardian Armoring 31
Advanced Resolve Armoring 31 (alpha crafter: msg 'thelastdon', 'amilda')
Advanced Skill Armoring 31 (alpha crafter: msg 'thelastdon', 'amilda' or 'anablue')
Advanced Commando Armoring 31 (alpha crafter: msg 'asheroth')

Advanced Aptitude Mod 31
Advanced Mettle Mod 31
Advanced Potent Mod 31
Advanced Elusive Mod 31B
Advanced Artful Mod 31 (alpha crafter: msg 'amilda')

Advanced Bastion Enhancement 31
Advanced Vigilant Enhancement 31 new 

[Artifact] Microfilament Reaction D-Module

Armoring/Barrels/Mods/Enhancement 30's (Level 55)
Advanced Might Hilt 31 (alpha crafter: msg 'Krust')

Advanced Reflex Barrel 31 (allied crafter: msg 'House-force')
Advanced Skill Barrel 31   (allied crafter: msg 'Onederman')
Advanced Skill Barrel 30

Advanced Commando Armoring 30 (alpha crafter: msg 'asheroth')
Advanced Might Armoring 30 
Advanced Reflex Armoring 30 (alpha crafter: msg 'brucass')
Advanced Resolve Armoring 30 
Advanced Skill Armoring 30 
Advanced Guardian Armoring 30 

Advanced Artful Mod 30A
Advanced Deft Mod 30A
Advanced Elusive Mod 30B
Advanced Mettle Mod 30A
Advanced Resilient Mod 30

Advanced Battle Enhancement 30  
Advanced Volition Enhancement 30
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 30

Armoring/Mods/Enhancement 28's (Level 53)
Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 28 
Advanced Commando Armoring 28
Advanced Guardian Armoring 28
Advanced Might Armoring 28 
Advanced Reflex Armoring 28 
Advanced Resolve Armoring 28 
Advanced Skill Armoring 28 

Advanced Agile Mod 28A
Advanced Aptitude Mod 28A
Advanced Artful Mod 28A
Advanced Deft Mod 28A
Advanced Elusive Mod 28B
Advanced Reinforced Mod 28B
Advanced Resilient Mod 28B
Advanced Robust Mod 28B
Advanced Weighted Mod 28B

Advanced Adept Enhancement 28  
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 28  
Advanced Protection Enhancement 28

Notes on ROTHC:
  • Mats for Mods/Armorings 30. The mats required: 2x Tricopper Flux, 2x Mythra, 1x Mass Manipulation Generator, 2x Turadium, 4x Exotic Element Equalizer. 
  • Mats for Mods/Armorings 28. Torhead has incorrect data for the armoring mats.  The mats required: 2x Tricopper Flux, 2x Mythra, 2x Beryllius, 2x Turadium.  This applies for both armoring and mod 28's.
  • Mats for Augmentation Kit Mk-9.  Tricopper Flux 2x, 10x Augmentation Slot Component MK-9, 2x Mythra, 2x Bio-Mechanical Interface Chip, 2x Turadium.
  • Mats for Augments 28.  2x Tricopper Flux, 4x Thermal Regulator2x Mythra, 2x Turadium.
  • We also accept Vice or Enforcer's Contraband Pack in exchange for one 28 armoring or 28 mod.
  • If you are looking for direct purchase w/ credits, we will negotiate to GTN pricing.  Cost right now is typically 250k credits for a mod or armoring.  Check GTN for most recent cost.

Advanced Reflex Barrel 27 

Augmentation Kit MK-6
Advanced Absorb Augment 22
Advanced Shield Augment 22
Advanced Skill Augment 22
Advanced Might Augment 22
Advanced Overkill Augment 22 (Mail to 'Jaicen', allied crafter)
Advanced Reflex Augment 22
Advanced Resolve Augment 22 (Mail to 'Jaicen', allied crafter)

Advanced Commando Armoring 26
Advanced Commando Armoring 27
Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 26
Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 27
Advanced Guardian Armoring 26
Advanced Guardian Armoring 27
Advanced Might Armoring 26
Advanced Might Armoring 27
Advanced Reflex Armoring 26
Advanced Reflex Armoring 27
Advanced Resolve Armoring 26
Advanced Resolve Armoring 27
Advanced Skill Armoring 26
Advanced Skill Armoring 27

Advanced Agile Mod 24 

Advanced Agile Mod 26
Advanced Agile Mod 27

Advanced Agile Mod 27A (Mail to 'Alelock', allied crafter)
Advanced Aptitude Mod 26
Advanced Aptitude Mod 27
Advanced Artful Mod 26
Advanced Artful Mod 27

Advanced Deflecting Mod 27B 
Advanced Deft Mod 26
Advanced Deft Mod 27
Advanced Elusive Mod 26

Advanced Elusive Mod 27 
Advanced Keen Mod 27B
Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Advanced Mettle Mod 27
Advanced Potent Mod 27B

Advanced Reinforced Mod 27B 
Advanced Resilient Mod 26B
Advanced Resilient Mod 27B
Advanced Weighted Mod 27

Black Hole Bulwark's MK-1 Module
Black Hole Duelist's MK-1 Module

Hilts, Crystals, Enhancements
Advanced Might Hilt 26

Advanced Resolve Hilt 27
Advanced Acute Enhancement 26

Advanced Acute Enhancement 27 
Advanced Adept Enhancement 26

Advanced Adept Enhancement 27
Advanced Assault Enhancement 26
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 26  
Advanced Bulwark Enhancement 26
Advanced Battle Enhancement 26
Advanced Initiative Enhancement 27
Advanced Steadfast Enhancement 27

Advanced Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Yellow War Hero's Crystal
Advanced Magenta Eviscerating Crystal

Want more information on how to get free molecular stabilizers?  Read LastDon's guide.

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