Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Three reasons why the ICE vendor sucks

We want to give some honest feedback to the cartel vendor developers.  We understand there's separate teams that manage GSF, PVE, PVP, and cartel market items.  So this feedback goes specifically to the cartel team: the Interplanetary Component Exchange (ICE) vendor sucks.  And we'll list the reasons why...

  1. The speeder isn't so special. The speeder is a tauntaun -- they all look the same.  Unlike the Vectron BL-37 Zephyr from the previous vendor which was unique, cool, the Special Operations Tauntaun just isn't so special.
  2. The new rep vendor is greedy.  Not only do you have to drop over a hundred dollars worth just to get to the rep -- you actually have to spend cartel market certificates on the majority of the items.  In previous rep vendors such as the Bounty Supply Company, there were over 25+ items that could be bought purely with credits.  In this release, there's less than half.  Pure greed. 
  3. This set is just so boring...  A lot of the items are too similar to what's available in the market.  No special headgear like the Resplendent Crown of Avarice or unique sets like the BK-0 Combustion of old.

We love the game and we hope you take this feedback with an open mind.

Your user base is already spending hundreds just to get to max rep on these cartel vendors, so let them buy at least half the items without requiring certificates so it makes it less of a greedy 'cash' grind.  Secondly, give us some uniqueness to these "cosmetic" stuff.  We really do want to pay for it.

Some feedback online from the popular commercial MMO guide at dulfy:

P.S. Here's are some feedback on messing with Korrealis family lore.

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