Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aldeeran Podracing - March Circuit - Results


Over 14 riders...

Despite making a wrong turn and coming back to the finish line, Azwraithmeow of Hakuna Rakata won the Aldeeran race cup.  Key to his success was his years of playing Super Mario Brothers, allowing him to tackle the rocks on Aldeeran's treacherous waterways.  His perseverance in following the judge through the rocks gave him an early lead.  We'd like to also recognize Ultima-weapon, another Hakuna, for coming in 2nd place despite Sith ambushes waiting his way at one outpost, and also Penguinkiller, from Hidden Sound, who repeated another top 3 win despite having a disastrous time at "the Rock".  He was able to come from behind to recover.

1st Place: Azwraithmeow of Hakuna Rakata
2nd Place: Ultima-weapon of Hakuna Rakata
3rd Place: Penguinkiller of the Hidden Sound

We'd also recognize Ti-shu, the only Imperial, that joined the race (the other Imps just tried to ambush, how typical).  He actually landed on the correct bridge (unlike Azw that made the wrong turn); however, he failed to do a /wave check-in which disqualified him from the final win.

Videos to be posted below...

And now for a little screenshot of the 1st place prizes...

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