Monday, March 25, 2013

Aldeeran Podracing - SWTOR - Mar 30 (March Circuit)

The Bastion Server: We're looking to replicate the success of the last February podracing circuit.

Aldeeran Classic: 
The greatest race of all time.
(March Circuit)


If you are interested, please sign-up your character by sending an in-game mail to thelastdon (Republic) or to republic'spy (Imperial).  Sign-ups will be accepted up to the last day.

The Prizes

(Special thanks to Juandonde for donating skiff and white crystal.)

First Place: 1 million credits, and 2x armorings (Dread Guard level) + Skiff speeder + white crystal + (bonus) 60-day SWTOR game time code

Second Place: 750k credits, and 1x armorings (Dread Guard level)

Third Place: 500k credits, Ball Toss, and 1x armorings (BH level)

The Place

WHEN: March 30th, Saturday, 10pm PST

LOCATION: Long ago, Aldeeran was a planet of beauty and grace.

The Rules

  • Must use Czerka CR-17 mount, the Kurtob Alliance mount, or for those that have nothing better, we will accept  Gurian/Aratech mounts.  The new Gree speeder will also be allowed to race.
  • Open to all factions, all guilds. 
  • Can't use the taxi speeders.  
  • Can't use quick travel.  (We will have judges watching taxi points.)
  • Can't attack anyone at the starting line.
  • Whoever finishes, unstealthed at the finish line, wins.
  • Must be on same instance as the judge. (Tip: Login to planet 30 mins prior.)
  • Certain checkpoints will be laid out in course map.
  • (Optional) Be on vent so you can hear judges' instructions.

The Course Map



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