Monday, May 13, 2013

How Americans can get the Forest Nekarr Cat for EU customers

You can get this exclusive Forest Nekarr Cat by going to Europe and buying a cartel card.

Or you can follow me and order from which also sells it and delivers to a U.S. address.  It took a few days to get to my U.S. address, but I now have a Forest Nekkar Cat in the Bastion (U.S.) server.

Click on the image for a better view of the pet.

(For a list of our crafted items for the Bastion, click here.)


  1. Is this valid only for the box shipment, or will the download code version work as well?

    1. There's no download version. They ship it as a physical box with a download code. Live long SWTOR universe, kill real life planet.

      says it's a digital download

  2. No it isn't a digital download, it is a "download code". When you click purchase, it'll ask for a shipment address and ask you to pay for shipping charges.

  3. This is rad do you know if the European equivalent like Best Buy or Amazon in other country's has different pets?