Thursday, July 18, 2013

SWTOR: How to turn on overlays on ventrillo (know who's talking)

I enjoy vent (ventrillo) as my preferred voice program due to its low resource usage.  However, it gets a lot of flack because it "lacks" overlays and other supposed features that other voice programs have.  In reality, it does have these features.

Today, you'll learn how to setup overlays in vent so that it'll show up in game. 

Click on the Setup icon in vent and click on the Overlay tab.  Click Enable Overlay Support and make sure the Screen location is on the right side.  That's my preference, yours could be different.  I also like to turn off certain Status page options such as Recent events and commanding messages to reduce the size of the overlay.

~thelastdon, SWTOR/The Bastion
<Alpha Republic>

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