Monday, August 5, 2013

Bastion 1v1 Ewoks Companion War

1v1 Ewoks Companion War: Bastion

(Note: The rumors that we are doing the next pod race...errr tauntaun mount race on Hoth is absolutely....TRUE!)


Video clippings are here.
  1. Mondoja
  2. Doggonecrazy
  3. Hpnotix

It's a whole new world out there in Star Wars The Old Republic.  New animal companion and new animal mount!

Here's the prizes so far (we'll keep adding)...

1st Place Prize: 1m credits, 3x MK-9 kit, Purple crystal
2nd Place Prize: MK-9 Kit
3rd Place Prize: Frasium x 10

When: August 10th, Saturday 8PM PST


  1. Can only use the class buffs, no other skills/buffs/guards/heroic moments/HoTs/bubbles/heals.
  2. Ewok vs Ewok only.  
  3. Must use duel flag (right click -> duel).
  4. Do not accept duel if you aren't ready.
  5. Best out of 3.
  6. Don't switch toons - play what you signed up under.

How to Join and Who Can Join

  1. Anyone can join, both factions.  No sign up fee, sponsored by <Alpha Republic>.
  2. Send your in-game toon name by email or swtor in-game mail.  
  3. Must have vent to listen to rules.
  4. Ladder will be created and you will be told on vent which area to fight.


SWTOR in-game mail thelastdon

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