Sunday, December 15, 2013

Secret Santa in the Bastion

Reward people that were patient and kind to new PVP players in our PVP server.  The winner will get 1.5m in credits!

The Setup:
We set out on a mission this weekend to find the most helpful PVPers in the Bastion.  As you may know, plenty of players have left for one reason or another.  But we wanted to test out who would be helpful, or provide guidance to new players, especially if they come on to the RWZ scene.  These include players that may not be the best geared.

The winner:

Jiraya, a fellow smash monster, has been patient and actually would publicly say stop being mean to our 'new' player.

The loser:

The screenshot explains below...

The online world often reflects real life in terms of people having bad attitudes.  We're here to recognize those that keep this game alive and kicking through patience and kindness, thanks Jiraya for being an example of this!

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