Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tatooine Podracing - SWTOR - Feb 2nd (February Circuit)

Boonta Eve Classic: 
The greatest race of all time.
(February Circuit)

We're proud to announce the greatest and most exciting world event of the Bastion server.  If you're looking for Alpha Republic's list of crafted materials, click HERE.


Alpha Republic would like to announce the winners:

Azwraithmeow of Hakuna Rakata

Penguinkiller of Hidden Sound

Fuz of Synergy

We recognized before the start of the event, there were some guilds that participated mainly to gank other people. In Outlaw's Den, we saw a massacre -- it didn't matter which faction you were on -- the killers attacked those that didn't belong to their guild or group.

The key to the win was Hakuna Rakata's ability to protect their racer. They circled their racer and other folks basically sacrificed their lives to protect the main racer through Outlaw's Den.


If you are interested, please sign-up your character by sending an in-game mail to thelastdon (Republic) or to republic'spy (Imperial).  Sign-ups will be accepted up to the last day.

The Prizes

First Place: 3 million credits, and 2x armorings (Dread Guard level)

Second Place: 1 million credits, and 1x armorings (Dread Guard level)

Third Place: 500k credits, Ball Toss, and 1x armorings (BH level)

The Place

WHEN: February 2nd, Saturday, 10pm PST

At the sands of Tatooine, right outside Thorazan outpost in the Dune Sea is where we will have the starting line up.  Nobody should attack each other.  Those that fail to follow the rules will be taken out by the judges.  (After starting line up, feel free to kill each other, sabotage, etc.)

The Rules

  • Must use Czerka CR-17 mount, the Kurtob Alliance mount, or for those that have nothing better, we will accept  Gurian/Aratech mounts.
  • Open to all factions, all guilds.
  • Start at the beginning (Thorazan), and finish first.  
  • Can't use the taxi speeders.  
  • Can't use quick travel.  (We will have judges watching taxi points.)
  • Can't attack anyone at the starting line.
  • You can kill, hire people to assassinate, sabotage, etc in between the starting line and finish line.
  • PHASE 1: You must use /wave emote to "thelastdon" or "thefirstdon" as you exit Outlaw's Den.  This shows you went through the area and did not quick travel.  If you "released" due to death inside Outlaw's Den, you would have to show yourself to the judge outside Outlaw's Den (highlighted in green heart symbol) and you can then proceed to the race.  See green heart symbol for location.  Please note you can still /wave to a dead judge.
  • PHASE 2: You must use /wave emote to "thefirstdon" or "thelastdon" as you enter the sand people area/near Outpost Largona.  See green heart symbol for location.  Please note you can still /wave to a dead judge.
  • Whoever finishes, unstealthed at the finish line, wins.
The Course Map

(Click on image to make it bigger.)

This dangerous course takes you through a small imperial base near the Dune Sea and proceeds to the dangerous Outlaw's Den, where intelligence reports have garnered evidence that various groups have offered their services for sale to ambush and knock out competing racers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my defense armorings/stats help with this race?
A. We have observed the new Czerka pod mount can survive level 50 NPCs shooting at you.  If you aren't using the new mount, you could compensate with high defense/absorption.

Q. If I'm knocked down could I stealth and then use rocket boost?
A. Yes.  Remember, outside of Outlaw's Den (north of the purple box), you will need to show yourself to a judge by /wave emote to thelastdon and/or thefirstdon.

Q. If I'm killed, and I have to medically release, what do I do?
A. If you haven't cleared Outlaw's Den, please review the rules, you have to go to a judge and /wave to register.  If you have cleared, you can continue on with the course.  Please note if a judge sees you trying to quick travel or medically release to cheat and do shortcuts, you will be disqualified.  We will have imperial and pub judges on all nearby quick travel/med center points.


  1. can u make a race on the progenitor sever...?

  2. Can republic'spy reply to my in-game email saying that Malaric has decided to enter the race??